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Originally Posted by FLYLine24 View Post
95% of the time the players put the money toward charity. That's chump change for them.
I'm sorry but I have to ask how anyone not in direct contact with the players or their agents would know what they're doing with the money?

The money is only chump change in relation to their yearly salary.... But $10,000-$20,000 for a 2 hour signing is not chump change when you consider the short duration of time it takes to make that amount.

These players do plenty of charity work mandated by the organization and through their own personal accord. I'd have a real hard time believing they would be instructing their agents to negotiate these pricey rates for their private signings just so they could turnaround and donate the money to charity (why not do direct charity work instead of donating a $ figure?) I want to be clear that I'm not insinuating that these players are greedy just that they expect to be compensated for essentially 'working' outside of the mandates of the organization.... I'm sure if they were interested in making themselves available to fans for the purpose of giving autographs they can do plenty of that before and after games the 41 times a year they play at MSG....

I also want to point out that the $80.00 you pay for the autograph isn't only dictated by the players negotiated rate alone, it would also be determined by the mark-up that the private business hosting the signing decides on in order to make the event profitable for their business.

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