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12-29-2009, 10:36 PM
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I think you mean expansion? Well as of right now, there are a couple of teams who aren't faring too well (Lewiston and Bathurst). So it would maybe sound more reasonable to relocate rather than expand right now, especially with the way the economy has been. I know Fredricton doesn't want a junior team because of the UNB. Lewiston was trying to relocate there last season but couldn't because of this. Sherbrooke might work as they have the population to support a team, but teams have failed there in the past. With the way Lewiston is going right now with low attendence records, putting another team in New England probably wouldn't work. There wouldn't be much of a following in the New England region anyways, the AHL is much more established and known in the area. My guess is there won't be any expansion in the near future, but relocation is always possible.

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