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12-30-2009, 12:16 AM
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With regards to the thread title alone, I have to object to your choice of verbage in 'tanking'. That word by it's very nature implies some sort of willful desire to do worse and I think it reflects negatively on the integrity of the players and the organization... No one wants to to bad but sometimes it's a necessary evil.

The only condition in which it's acceptable not to finish as high as you could manage in the standings is for your organization's GM & Owner to make the conscious decision to rely on young, inexperienced players to fill out the bulk of their roster, which is for the better of the organization in the not too distant future.... It's accomplished not by organization directives but by roster moves/decisions.

In other words... You don't intend to finish poorly because you want a high draft pick.... You shape your roster around young players and finishing poorly is a byproduct if their lack of experience and the high draft pick is a byproduct of you finishing poorly.... That's the only conditions in which it's justifiable...If we could go that route, sign me up. But Sather needs to start the process before I can support anything. I'm tired of floating on the bubble of mediocrity.... Another roster purge is definitely in order, this time we need to stop filling the holes with under-performing veterans.... I'll take 2 seasons of no playoffs if it leads to 2 seasons of advancing beyond the first round, after that.

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