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12-30-2009, 02:01 AM
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The fact of tanking is just a disgrace to the sport in general. I just can't imagine a team purposely loosen the handbrake, and slide in the rankings just to get a ticket to the lottery. Just one word, a shame, that's a shame. Players and managers who would encourage that kind of mentality are just cowards and cheaters. Would be the same if they cashed in in a boxing game by pretending a KO. Same for the so-called fans. You don't root backward for your team, that's the dumbest thing possible, ever. "Yeah let's tank!" Jeez...

We don't have closed leagues here in Europe like the NHL and the NFL, no matter what the sport is, your team suck, you just don't rely on the system to save your ass. You don't have a sacrosanct lottery to save it. You suck, you're retrograded in an inferior division with weaker teams, where you belongs, and you work your butt hard the following season to come back within the elite. There's nothing to gain in tanking.

I love the draft system in NA sports, but sometimes, that just leads to very questionable ethic question. The system would gain to be reworked imo. Too much suspicion on bottoms teams with that lottery thing.

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