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12-30-2009, 05:43 AM
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Originally Posted by JSTAFF View Post
I'll take him over Coburn and Carle. I know I'm a homer.
Yes, you are.

Originally Posted by JSTAFF View Post
The trade value of Carle is as high as it will ever be for this upcoming offseason. Get the assets we can get for him and save his cap space.
The question is, do you get fair value. Right now, you gotta believe that Carle's value to the Flyers is pretty high. He's been the best defenders for them this year, and it doesn't really matter if it's because of Pronger or not, the fact that he would be able to play the next few years with the big guy might keep him to that level of play. Carle looks like a potential number one dman right now, not sure that he can maintain this level of play, but if he does, you don't trade that kind of player very often.

Originally Posted by JSTAFF View Post
Pronger-Coburn (maybe he will take strides like Carle did playing with Pronger)
Timonen-Parent (reunite this pairing to handle Crosby)
Bartulis-X (x=big hard nose UFA defenseman)
Because it worked so well in the past...

Originally Posted by NWO View Post
well i guess you version of playing well and mine really differ. he is avg at best in the defenisve zone. playing well for a few game stretch is fine but wont change my opinion. he also doesnt bring enough offense to make up for his defensive shortcomings
Wow, that's scary, mine also differs from yours.

Originally Posted by Kaktus View Post
Vokoun? 5.7M a year Possible. He is a good goalie.
This would be the guy I would go for, if Ray wants too much money.
But what are you going to give up? We don't have any picks till the next century. I think it would be Hartnell+, also for cap purpose.
Than you pretty much loose Carle, Emery and Hartnell for Vokoun and the value you get back for Carle. Don't know if that's a good deal.
I rather have Carle and Emery than Vokoun.
But nevertheless, Vokoun would be the next choice if Emery gets crazy.

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