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12-30-2009, 08:21 AM
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Originally Posted by inBobwetrust View Post
Considering the prospects we've graduated recently its a very good list.

I like White that high but why no mention of Niclas Torp? Solid D man who loves to hit! Not the upside of Joe Steskjal I know but still a good prospect.

Can we get excited about Avtsyn yet? Will Trunev want to play AHL next year? Jr?

If Quailer were ok he'd make the list where?

As for Fischer it takes longer for D, think of when Chara started to be put it all together.

Torp I don't know if we will see him over here or not, plus it's going to be hard for someone his size to play that sort of physical game. I recall hearing the same things about Emelin when he was in his draft year, but he filled out his frame, whereas Torp has a smaller frame to begin with.

Stejskal is just as physical if not more, but he's got the frame, although he still needs to fill it out more. Plus he's very solid in his own end, blocking shots and clearing the crease, along with some offensive abilities as well.

Avtsin I love what I'm hearing and I was impressed with what I saw from him in the one game I saw. He's got a good frame to go with good hands/skating/speed, so there's a lot to like there. Hopefully he comes over, I will always have my doubts when it comes to us getting Russian players to come over and stay here, but it sounds like the chances are good that we see him over here next year.

Trunev I hope to see come over but I have much bigger doubts that we see him. I know his contract is up after this season so we'll see what happens. If they can get Avtsin to come over, it would be great timing to get Trunev to so they both could adjust to North America at the same time. He's not having a great year with Severstal, but I believe they are a big money team, so they likely can offer him a lot more then he'd make in Hamilton, which thus creates a problem. That said I don't think spending another 2 years in the KHL would hurt and he'd be 22, but at this point who knows what will happen.

If Quailer wasn't hurt he'd likely be in the top 10, I really like what I've seen from him, as he's got the size (6'4) but needs to fill out much more (210 or more would be nice) He's got the speed/skating, and he's got impressive hands. His defensive game seems ok but will need some work, and he has little physical game. So the big question becomes how will his offensive game translate to the pros. He's been redshirted so he can stay in the NCAA for up to 3 years not counting this year, so he'll have time to work on his game before hitting Hamilton. From there we'll start to see how effective he can be at a higher level, he's had a really good start to his NCAA career and it would have been interesting to see how he would do as a center on the top line, since that was the plan going into this season.

Not sure what Chara has to do with Fischer per say, other then them being defensemen. Fischer has a lot of the tools required to play in the NHL but he has to be able to show he can put it all together, if he can then I like his upside as a guy that is solid on the PK, can move the puck up ice with crisp passes, and gets the job done in his own end. But his lack of strength, a physical game, any sort of offensive game and the problems he runs into when pressured with the puck, are big concerns.

Originally Posted by loadie View Post

BTW, great work like usual Dan, appreciate all of your time and effort you put into getting and keeping on top off the prospects.

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