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12-30-2009, 09:50 AM
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This "tanking" business is nonsense IMO.

It honestly does not come into play until the last month of the season, and if thats the case, it would come down as a management decision. It doesnt even enter the players and coaches mind. They have self-respect and motivation - its what has got them here. Their focus is solely on winning games and making the playoffs.

I can't for the life of me, see Glen Sather asking this club to pack in in, when one playoff game generates a ton of money for the Garden and widens their profit margin for the season. Its all about numbers, they could give a damn about being in a better position in the draft lottery this early in the season, even in February. If and when they have exhausted all options to try and get this team to the playoffs and its apparent they are out of it, thats when the thought from management arises. By then its passed the deadline and any semblance of a true "tanking" is out the door. The Rangers would have to be where the Hurricanes are right now, maybe worse to even approach the situation.

Besides, the Rangers aren't exactly the model organization in selecting high draft picks. It has changed as of late, but the point is there is no guarantee Taylor Hall or any #1 pick is going to pan out as a surefire franchise player. There sure is a good chance, but I doubt that outweighs the significance of the here and now when you are talking about an original 6 franchise located in the financial capital of the world. It is more business here then anywhere else in the league and the risk reward of tanking in this city isnt really a sound decision when you are trying to attract large companies to buy premium seats and packages.

And when would you actually KNOW when they have decided to TANK? Look at the Knicks. They were DREADFUL the past decade. Did they ever come out and say... **** it, we are tanking it so we can get a high draft pick! No... they kept advertising, they kept their promotions going, they kept trying to win, as futile as an attempt that it was. The driving force around a sports business is money and you arent going to get anywhere if you send the signal to the fanbase that you are giving up to pin your hopes on a CHANCE to select one 18 year old kid from Alberta Canada.

So if it were to happen, it would be towards the end of the year, very end IMO. Like the last few weeks when you can set yourself up to garner a better chance at a top pick. Pld makes some good points, but with this management i doubt its a plan until very late in the year, because the men running the show arent into sacrificing ego for future success when theres a very good chance one of them (sporting a cigar) wont be here to reap the rewards when it happens.

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