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Originally Posted by Marksman View Post
I see some problems.

3) Kostitsyn jr will propably bolt for Russia if you lowballed him like that
He hasn't proven enough to earn more than the same salary he has now, BUT with a guarantee of NHL salary all year, no more periods of $65k per year as he has had every year until now.

If that's not good enough, we should look for another 3rd-4th liner with production of 11-12 goals per 80 games and amybe get a bit more size and grit out of him for the bottom two lines than Sergei provides.

Originally Posted by coolasprICE View Post
Metro will be looking for an increase, why would he sign a 2 year 2m if he is worth 1 year 1.5-2M (3rd line center that can score 15-20).

MAB at 1.4 is not going to happen either - he has proven himself this year and has shown that he can help the PP (1st in the league). His defensive blunders are the reason why he's not a 4 Million +, but I can see him fetching 2 - 2.5 easilly.

Laraque traded? Buyout maybe more likely - which has a cap hit.

Spacek - not sure there'll be any takers for his 3M + for 2 years, especially at his age. Besides, he's been "ok" at best this year so there's not much value in his pay.

Price will get more than 2.4 and Halak will not be here.
Metro won't finish with more than about 13 goals now that his spot on the PP is lost to Gionta; he's not getting 15-20 goals AS A THIRD LINE C. A two-year deal at his age is very nice for him. If he walks, use the money for a late UFA season bargain (mid-Aug).

MAB 3 yrs at $1.4 would likely be ACCEPTED by him if offered now. If not accepted now, make it clear his PP time will be reduced as we start immediately to get used to a future without him.

Laraque might fetch a late pick at the deadline. He can also be McGillisized or he may retire. Do NOT waste cap space buying him out, he hasn't earned that token of respect.

Spacek should fetch a middling prospect or mid-round pick. That's all I would want for him, no need to squeeze lots of value out of a trade. We win two ways anyway: Subban gets onto the team, and we use the savings to pay Pleks and keep him long-term.

Based on a season that continues as it started to date, Price who is not subject to arbitration will not likely get more than what I listed. If he plays much better, then fine, pay him more, give him the #1 spot and take the necessary dollars from the backup's budget, while getting value for Halak in a trade.

IMO, Halak WILL stay if he is playing 35-45 games and earning $2.4 million on a secure 3-year contract.

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