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Originally Posted by BaseballCoach View Post
Metro won't finish with more than about 13 goals now that his spot on the PP is lost to Gionta; he's not getting 15-20 goals AS A THIRD LINE C. A two-year deal at his age is very nice for him. If he walks, use the money for a late UFA season bargain (mid-Aug).

MAB 3 yrs at $1.4 would likely be ACCEPTED by him if offered now. If not accepted now, make it clear his PP time will be reduced as we start immediately to get used to a future without him.

Laraque might fetch a late pick at the deadline. He can also be McGillisized or he may retire. Do NOT waste cap space buying him out, he hasn't earned that token of respect.

Spacek should fetch a middling prospect or mid-round pick. That's all I would want for him, no need to squeeze lots of value out of a trade. We win two ways anyway: Subban gets onto the team, and we use the savings to pay Pleks and keep him long-term.

Based on a season that continues as it started to date, Price who is not subject to arbitration will not likely get more than what I listed. If he plays much better, then fine, pay him more, give him the #1 spot and take the necessary dollars from the backup's budget, while getting value for Halak in a trade.

IMO, Halak WILL stay if he is playing 35-45 games and earning $2.4 million on a secure 3-year contract.

1. Metro will finish the season with 13? He has 10 already! PP or not, he's getting 15-20. (half a season left!)

2. Why would the habs want to get use to a future without MAB considering that he's a big reason why we won games (4 game winners) and a big reason why our PP is number 1 in the league (see a pattern -> Souray, Streit, MAB = #1 PP). 1.4 M in the NHL is pure peanuts, and the fact that you have him placed on the 4th line on top of it suggests that his defensive liabilities will be less noticeable. He's a pp specialist - and the fact that he sucks defensively is a blessing in disguise as we are able to sign him in the 2-2.5 range.

3. Not sure any team has a reason to take on laraques cap hit - he has done and shown absolutely NOTHING to merit any interest. Hope I'm wrong.

4. I'm not sure Spacek is trade-able with his contract and age! Why do you assume we can get ANYTHING for him? He's been our worst ufa pick-up, teams want our good players, not our old bad / struggling ones with big contracts. Although, a strong 2nd half can change this reality.

5. And if "price plays much better" ? He's having a good season - I think goaltending is our strong point this season. His only weakness are the soft goals he let in just prior to Halak taking over in the past 5 games or so. If he plays the SAME way (and he resolves the soft goal / glove side issues) than he will be getting over 3M.

6. Halak wants to be a number 1, not a number 1a, or number 1b. Either Price or Halak are gone... I think BG will keep his favorite "pure bred".

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