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12-30-2004, 06:37 AM
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Stand on one leg. Bend over and pick up a ball one-handed. Something about the size of a baseball or an orange is good. Stand upright. Still standing on one leg, pivot to a different angle and set the ball down.

Stand on one leg, choose a point just slightly out of reach. Reach for the point with one hand, then the other. Do this about 10 times per side.

Stand on one leg. With your right hand, reach for a point on the far right, then for a point in front of you, then for a point on the far left. Do this about 5-8 times, then switch to the other arm.

Do these at first with your shoes on. Once you've mastered them, do them with your shoes off. Yoga can also be helpful. A balance board is great but I think it does more for core body balance and less for one-legged balance. You should also think about an agility ladder. Agility ladder drills are a lot of fun, and you can build a ladder yourself for only a few dollars.

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