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09-23-2003, 12:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Dr. van Nostrin
For the most part yes, but I not sure that applies to every player...Your comment seems to imply that players are innocent and that won't get caught up in the business of sport...The bottom line here is that if Comrie "just wanted to play hockey", he'd sign the damn contract...

Putting things in perspective, the money he'd be signing for is not chump change...You signed the contract, play your ass off, and come back and take the team to arbitration (don't know if he has those rights or not) or try to get the best contract based on other comparable contracts...

in the real world this is known as "paying your dues". why is it any different in the NHL? even more to the point, i wish i would have made a paultry 1.4 mil a year when i was paying my dues early in my career.

so you'll forgive me if i don't put much stock in statements like "all he wants to do is play hockey". if he wanted to play then he'd shut the hell up, collect his 1.4 million, and get on the damn ice.

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