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Originally Posted by totalrecall View Post
According to our Win - you're in, Lose, you're out:

Price is next
Originally Posted by King Woodballs View Post
Price starts tomorrow win you are in
in the world according to Garp
Originally Posted by eightyseven View Post
I think Price's career % is better against Florida than Halak....

But they have to put Price in for the Buffalo game no matter what. The first Buffalo game, Price stole that one for us and out-duelled Ryan Miller.
Originally Posted by MoenMyLawn View Post

Its one thing to say win and you're in, but you don't want them to feel like if they lose one game, they will be stuck to the bench.

Goalies have strange psyches.
Originally Posted by Marc the Habs Fan View Post
I agree with this - mainly because the game is at 5 PM and this was a heavy workload for Price tonight. I really don't think playing Price in back-to-back games this year has worked all that well either. We have 2 great goalies, these are the type of situations to split the load.
Originally Posted by Pandemic View Post
I think they have to come back with Halak tomorrow night.
Originally Posted by CammerScores View Post
I'd play Halak tomorrow night against Florida because I think he deserves a quick comeback in net after that loss against Ottawa but I'd play Price against Buffalo. Halak had two chances to beat Buffalo and lost both, so Martin should go to Price for that one.
Originally Posted by scottyG View Post
Lol Price hasn't played in 2 weeks i don't think one game is gonna make him that tired. He plays tomorrow and Monday vs buffalo/
Originally Posted by Mathletic View Post
don't want to start a thread but I've been hearing a few times today that Price wasn't happy in Ottawa and made it clear he wasn't happy about not playing. Just wondering if it's been discussed in some thread already.
Originally Posted by davenash View Post
I hope he wasn't happy.

A true pro wants to play all the games.
Originally Posted by King Woodballs View Post
He has played like a number one most of the season
JM is ****ed with his win and you are in philosophy.... Just trade one of these guys already
I have posted in the past a defence of the win-and-you're-in approach, but I should add that it is not the most appropriate route under ALL circumstances.

It's best when the team is struggling to get wins, because it sends a message to the rest of the team that management cares first and foremost about winning.

When a team is already winning most of its games, this philosophy starts to get counterproductive because the guy not playing has to fight off the wish for the other fellow to lose a game so he can get back in. Once a team is winning regularly and the chemistry between both goalies and the players is established, the club should find a more long-term way to keep both guys sharp and to ensure both of them adequate playing time.

I kind of think we've reached that point now. In the context of the Habs right now, I would say that both goaltenders have EARNED the right to play at least 33.33% of the games no matter how hot one of them is at any particular moment. The rest could be considered as up for grabs, but frankly with Price and Halak right now, even a fixed-in-advance 55-45 or 50-50 would be fine with me for the next little while as long as both continue contributing pretty equally.

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