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12-31-2009, 12:57 PM
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How Should Rangers Approach The Balance of 2009-10 Season

This idea of playing to make the playoffs/rebuilding/tanking seems to hijack a ton of other threads. I talked to the mods and we decided to have a poll and give this topic it's own space.

In my mind it all comes down to one of two options...

1. The Rangers should continue to make prudent moves to make the playoffs.

2. The Rangers should concede 2009-10 is not their year, strip the team of excess baggage and build for the future.

So let's discuss.

I support Point #1. Last night nonwithstanding (and I fortunately could not watch the game) the team has been playing better in recent weeks. There are a number of underperforming players who can step up their games. The team is still learning a new coach and system. And I can't stand the idea of throwing in the towel to try to get a lottery ticket in the draft. I want the rest of this season to be meanigful. And frankly, there aren't that many pieces that I would want to move that are moveable and would return value.

So I'll cast the first vote for prudent moves.

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