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01-01-2010, 11:09 AM
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Maybe I'm not so crazy...


In professional sports, you could debate the relative importance of character, effort and competitiveness as contributors to success, relative to pure talent, that is. I would argue those qualities are more important in hockey than any other major professional sport. And we lost a lot of that from last year.
Lack of effort and commitment is the most disturbing problem with this team right now. Without that, all the talent in the world is useless.
Effort and commitment are contagious in a team, and certain guys help spread that -- guys like Sjostrom, Betts, and Orr were a part of that.


If it is unacceptable that the Rangers don't battle for the puck, it's intolerable that they won't battle for one another. The change in culture effected under Tom Renney following the lockout has dissipated.
This is about the return of the disease that infected this franchise for seven straight seasons heading into the lockout, and the need to eradicate it immediately.
This is about the horrendous example being set for young guys...

While Brooks is making a slightly different point, he's focusing on the intangibles I'm focusing on, he's talking about character, effort and commitment, how we had it and now we don't, and how that's a serious problem -- if not the most serious problem -- with this team right now. That's precisely what I was trying to get at. And all I was saying was that SBO were a part of that. Its bigger than just SBO, yes. But all I was saying was they were a part of that.

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