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01-01-2010, 11:51 AM
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Great post and 100% right, Chimp!

Originally Posted by Chimp View Post
I don't get this. I really don't. We're talking about reforming the team to become a real team, yet so many of you defend Chris Drury. WHY? He cares. He skates hard. So frigging what? So did Freddy Sjöström, but that didn't help him get a re-sign @700k. So did Betts, but that didn't get him re-signed. You don't get paid for effort, you get paid for performance. At least on most teams who aren't dumb. We have three players paid close to $7m a year on this team. We have Marian Gaborik. We have Henrik Lundqvist. We have Chris Drury. Find one fault.

We are paying a slightly upgraded Chris Higgins, $7m a year to hopefully be 50/50 at faceoffs, play some PK, hog up PP time which he does absolutely nothing with, "care and skate hard" and score a goal once every 12th game or so (if we're lucky). Forget about any sort playmaking, ok? Forget about any sort of line threat on the line he's playing on. Here it's "dump, turn the puck over and chase." Any 4th liner can do that.

We could've had a Heatley-esque kind of player for the money we have thrown at Drury, a glorified 3rd liner at this point in his career. So why the heck do you constantly try to leave Chris Drury out of the "this team needs to be reformed" equation? You don't think Chris Drury is a big reason why this team is terrible offensively and has been so since he arrived? Think again. He's the 2nd threat this team should've had to relieve Gaborik. That's the money we that jackass with the cigar threw at him. I don't care that he's Captain America and is a poster hanging on many bedroom doors (which I have no clue of why really). Because if he's Captain America, you need to raise your standards.

"But Chimp, he has a NTC! He's the Captain!" So? Yashin was bought out, on a team known for collective failure for a long time now. And he was their best scorer! Nylander was forced into AHL, despite having exactly the same clause as Drury.

"But Chimp, the franchise will look like a ********* if they force their NTC captain off the team!" Say what? Let me get this straight... you're afraid of our franchise reputation, because we might chase a player (in a world of cap floors), who is a big part of dragging the team down - despite a heavy loaded contract - into AHL. We are afraid we might lose franchise reputation, because we're actually trying to hold a huge underachiever accountable? If we scare any other mercenaries away, who had plans to come to New York to cash in for a piss poor performance, I'm not exactly sad. I'm not sad either if the message to the other players is: "If you come to New York, we have some sort of expectations that you can man up to the suitcase of dollars we hand you."

But you're apparently not afraid NYR looks like a ******* retirement home, were you have no accountability whatsoever for your salary, expectations or your level of responsiblity. As long as you fool $ather to pay you the dough, you're set for life. Like some kind of top level politician or corporate executive. Hey, if $ather and Drury can't go golfing together after $ather brings out the axe, it's not exactly like I care. $ather was the one who took a huge dump in his own bed, now he can lay in it. If $ather can't do his ****ing job and sort this mess out, because he thinks it feels awkward that Drury might delete him on facebook, he can go to AHL with him.

"Get set for life in the franchise of no accountability! Get your overpayment here!" How the **** are you going to get any attractive players to a team that is set on autopilot for failure anyway? You tell me that.

Why do you think Zherdev was going for top dollar when playing for NYR? You think he would've pulled that stunt if he was playing for Detroit? He sees all those overpaid bums, performing worse than him and he thinks: "Hey! Why should I receive scrums when I'm one of the top players on this team, when they get paid loads of cash for underperforming?" Zherdev wasn't thinking like a Russian, he was thinking and acting like a true New York Ranger. Minimum performance, maximum pay. I can understand his astonishment when $ather wasn't opening the safe. Instead he chose to throw a boatload of cash at Kotalik for sucking. The overpayment dice didn't land on Zherdev this time.

You think the players on all the other teams describe the word "successful" when they get to name the NYR? I think not. They see "$$$! Yeah baby! Because they're rich AND have a clown of a GM there, who pays out contracts like the money isn't his! At random, unfortunately, but hey, take a chance!"

Before we have the word accountability as an integral part of this franchise, from the top (especially the top) to the bottom, we're done for. We can just as well donate the season ticket money to some other retirement home, I'm sure they need it better than the millionares on skates.

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