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01-01-2010, 12:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Pred303 View Post
woot!.. now that's the way to end 2009!

have to hand it to the guys, tonight you saw the old hitchcock system of playing hockey once they knocked in that first goal... you basically got the feeling they were playing to try to win 1-0 from the second that one went in the net.. from that point you simply had a tactical defensive game where there were always three men back for them, and you simply had to wonder if we would ever get enough real scoring chances to get that first goal.. a tremendous never quit effort from our guys, would have been so easy to make that mistake trying to push the action that would have given them that clinching 2 goal lead. but instead, we showed patience, played within ourselves and the system even when things were looking doubtful late. a few quick thoughts..

...of course the true star tonight was joel ward. three beautiful set ups, on thurresson's goal, on thurresson's post and then on the game winner. simply never quitting and winning that battle for the puck behind their net was the play.
...thurresson. before that tieing goal, was just beginning to think of all the people to get our best chances but the two rookies him and spalling. great stuff for him. (and us).
...ellis played a solid game. quite a few shots, quite a few scrambles. not a whole lot of true scoring chances against him, and he got caught too far out playing off to his right on their one, but still made all the stops you could expect. which is about all you can ask for out of your goalie.

a tactical, low scoring chance, well played type game. exactly the type of game you would have expected we have to play before we found all this magic scoring.. the type of game that could bode well for us going forward, because we played the type of game in our zone we haven't been playing for weeks. maybe klein needs to rest a few more games?

me, i'm still pumped. nothing like a come from behind late, dagger in the heart win against the hated jackets to get your blood pumping. nothing in sports anymore exciting than a close game late in hockey. nothing quite as suddenly exciting, jump off the couch fist pumping win in OT that comes so suddenly almost out of nowhere.
I agree about Ellis overplaying a bit early in the game. Their goal came off such a play(though it didn't help that Suter basically slid into the crease and took away any chance of getting back into the play), and there were a few other close opportunities that resulted from his coming too far out and getting caught out of position.

Despite the style the Jackets were playing, I think there was an ebb and flow to last night's game. We went through stretches of dominance, and it was starting to look like one of those nights where Garon was going to be more lucky than good. Hit posts, fanned tap-ins, dumb-luck saves through was good to get that first one, because at that point I felt we would win.

Although, we sure looked like we were happy to play for one point and see what happened after scoring that tying goal. When Nash came out of the corner on their near-goal late, I said to my wife, "there's the game," but fortunately the luck came our way on that one.

Overall, good to win these two should-win games after the disappionting home and home with the Hawks. Another should-win on Saturday for what should be a sold out game, but I never consider Ducks games "gimmes" in anyway, especially given the firepower that still exists on their roster. Scoring first and early will be key in that one.


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