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Originally Posted by Canadiens1958 View Post
Part of a larger study.

Glenn Hall(with Detroit)
1956 playoffs .9320 SV% against Toronto,won in 5 .8861SV% against Montreal, Plante against Detroit .9274

1957 playoffs .8837 SV% against Boston,lost in 5,first place Red Wings, vs Simmons .8888 SV%

Glenn Hall(with Chicago)
1959 playoffs .9086 SV% against Montreal,vs Plante .8967 SV%,Chicago lost in 6

1960 playoffs .8923 SV% against Montreal,vs Plante .9583 SV%, Chicago swept in 4. Plante had a .9504 SV% in the 1960 playoffs.

Comments. 1956 Red Wings blew a 4-2 lead midway thru the third period losing 6-4, in game 1 of the finals at Montreal. 1957 looks like Hall played Simmons equal BUT the Red Wings won game 2, 7-2 while losing the other four. Only good series was against an offensively challenged young Maple Leaf team. <.9000 SV% in the playoffs does not get the job done.

Thanks to the HSP for providing the raw data.
These are some things I addressed in my studies.

I haven't looked at Hall's first two years in Chicago, but we'll see.

S% is the probably the best stat we have for evaluating a goaltender and keeping his performance seperate from team- but fact is, even it is not perfect in that sense.

First off- 1956- you should note just how dominant Montreal was that season. The Habs broke the 100 point mark in the regular season- the Wings were a whopping 24 points behind them.

You cite the first game where the Wings blew the lead- want to know what happened?

Account of Hall in 1956 Game 1 against Canadiens-Habs win 6-4

But both teams soon called it quits on the excessive rought stuff and the Red Wings began to cash in on superior play- smart defensive work and knife-like thrusts at the slightest opening while Glenn Hall's work overshadowed that of Jacques plante in nets.
Hmm- Wings play good defensively, Hall does well and overshadows great goalie across the rink. A link?

But later in the game..

But then the wings were falling under pressure and Beliveau broke the tie at 7:31. Olmstead fed the puck at Geoffrion, who centred it it back from a corner to Beliveau, six feet in front of Hall.

The tying, winning, and clinching goals while Detroit's redoubtable defence pair of Red Kelly and Bob Goldham were trying desperately to stem the onslaught on Hall, who faced 18 shots in the third period against only five in the Red Wings drilled at Plante.
Wings start to play poorly, allowing Montreal to drill shot after shot at Hall, star failing under pressure, and 4 goals are allowed. Let's see..Wings play good defensively, Hall's goaltending praised. Wings play poorly and fall under pressure, let lots of shots go off, Hall let's in more goals (not necessarily his fault- the article certainly didn't blame him, and I don't think they were hesitant to blame guys back then).

If you want more from the series, the link is on the previous page- but from my readings, Hall did not play poorly and the Habs were just too much better than the team on his side.

As far as the Boston series go, the 7-2 score was again, a result of team play. The Wings played like they were supposed to in that game- otherwise, not so good from what I read of the series.

More can be found here- - but from everything I read, I did not at all get any impression Hall played poorly in the playoffs in Detroit, contraditorary to the stats, which I feel are more a result of the tea efforts in front than Hall himself.

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