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Originally Posted by Canadiens1958 View Post
It wasn't a good game for Hall, but it didn't seem like he was letting in beachball goals so to speak, and I did not gather any impression of Hall playing poorly from what I read (which I don't tink they were afraid to point out back then.) Over the course of the series though, I certainly do not feel Hall played bad- seemed to do decently.
DS has posted extracts from articles where Jack Adams - Red Wings GM criticzed Glenn Hall for his efforts in the 1957 playoffs.

Provost line?????????? The Curry / Leclair / Provost unit was cobbled together for the third period by Toe Blake. Leclair was a center who could give you a change of pace - dressed for only 8 of the 10 playoff games and those were his only points. Top three lines were centered by Beliveau, H.Richard and Ken Mosdell.[/QUOTE]

The quote DS posted?

"I don't mean to criticize", Adams said, preparing to criticize, "But Hall looked bad on Doug Mohns goal and worse on Cal Gardiner's. We should have had a 2 goal lead after the second period"
Doesn't seem like Adams was critisizing Hall for the whole playoffs- merely game 5 of it.

And it's not as if the Wings team was playing greatly either- getting shutout one loss, and only scoring 1 goal another.

And after game 3, Adams notes we lost through "our" errors, and not Hall's (in game 4, which Wings lost 2-0). Perhaps Hall didn't have a good game (although I didn't see any quote to suggest that when reading, as I didn't find the Jack Adams quote when searching through the Globe and Mail archive), but the series went 5 games.

I was more so just shortening the name of it using it's best player.

Again, the Wings weren't playing well defensively by the looks of things and giving the Habs plenty of opportunities to shoot. Considering the players on the line you note were good enough to make an original-6 franchise, and the high-powered Canadiens no less, they certainly had some ability to score if given particularly good opportunity and having a particularly good game.

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