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12-31-2004, 01:59 AM
Don Draper
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a few things. First, i think the "for the good of the game" argument is very important. For one, getting hockey back in the publics eye does more than line owners pockets, and prove better rating numbers. It also gets the popularity to a higher level where more kids are playing it at a grass roots level. Having 2million kids in Chicago playing hockey to become more like Sidney makes much more sense than 300thousand thinking the same thing in edmonton. As it has been said before, Canadians will cheer for whomever, and will cheer louder if they happen to be winning. Hockey needs to blow up again in NYR, BOS, CHI, LA and WASH. Those are 5 of the 6 largest markets in the US, Dallas being the other i believe. Philly Toronto and Detroit are the next level. The fact that Boston is the only team on that top list with any sort of recent success speaks volumes as to why hockey has taken such a nosedive in popularity.
The East Coast has always been well known for carrying a huge bias when covering their own teams. This is why Nomar and Jeter struck it rich so young, and got covered as two of the greatest of their generation. Jeter is the second highest player of all time, while being a 320 hitter on an allstar team. Value goes up when more people talk about you, and hear about you. Same thing can happen with Crosby, or any other great young prospect.
It has been said that hockeys biggest folly was having its 2 dynastys coming from edmonton and the island. Had those teams come from Chicago and Boston, i doubt anyone would be arguing about the NHLs stand with the american public.

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