Thread: Larry Brooks: Sathers fat cats are back
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01-01-2010, 04:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Tumsh View Post
Disclaimer: This is just a question, not a statement. I really don't know, but I would like to find out if someone knows, or has any ideas about it.

Could it be that the owners might be happy with Sather, despite the problems the team is facing? The team keeps making the playoffs (though are never really a threat to win it all) they have a bunch of big name(ish) players. It may be that this is enough to keep the not too hardcore fans, in particular those with plenty of money, interested and buying the merchandise. If the $$ keeps rolling in to the owners (of course, I have no idea if it does or not) could it be that they are happy with things as they are, and thus the fans will have to wait for Sather to retire or get a hearth attack or something.

Even when the Rangers weren't making the playoffs they were among the top 3 NHL teams in overall revenue.
The only scenario in which Sather would be fired is if people stopped buying tickets.
That's why I find it funny that the same people chanting "Fire Sather" will spend plenty of money on this team every season, regardless.

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