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Originally Posted by vostok View Post
2004!mate, Russia's economy and living standards have sky rocketed between 2000-2009. Years under Putin/Medvedev.

The Average income for the entire country is now $16,100 USD (2008 est.) based on CIA World Factbook(One of the most respected organizations in the world)

This means the average income is $1341 per month. It was around $80 in 1998 if i recall correctly. Ofcourse it would range from city to city as Moscow,St.Petersburg and another 3 or 4 other cities earn above this. It is said by 2020 the average salary will be between 3,500-4,500 a month depending on the City.
You are confusing the annual income with the GDP per capita. These two things are completely different and have no relation whatsoever.

The GDP per capita is simply the GDP (purchasing power parity) divided by the total population. Therefore, a small country like Liechtenstein has a GDP per capita of $118,000 but that does not mean its citizens earn this money anually; it only means the GDP is high while the population is low, therefore giving us a very high GDP per capita. While your statistic is completely false, it still remains that the GDP per capita is usually the best economic indicator for a country and $16,100 figure is very respectable (comparable to many EU countries like Hungary, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, etc.), especially because it was surely under $5,000 not so long ago. The Russian economy is back on track and has one of the highest growth rates in the entire world.

The situation is indeed very different from what it used to be and even statistics as recent as from 2004 cannot be used to reflect the situation in 2009, as it is changing rapidly, but always for the best.

Here you can have a look at the evolution of Russian wages in recent years, and it is guaranteed the numbers in 2009 are even higher and will continue to grow furthermore.

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