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01-01-2010, 10:38 PM
"Scoreboard, son."
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I'm amused by some of the Cincy hate I'm seeing on Facebook tonight. Am I the only one watching the Sugar Bowl and having nightmarish flashbacks to January 2007, when the last time an Ohio team took on the Gators? Even FOX & the announcers are the same.

Originally Posted by kidAcbj View Post
wow looks like the BCS got it right

Cincy had absolutely no business being in the title game. I still wouldnt have minded seeing TCu though. I'm interested to see how the TCU/boise game goes down.
The two teams everybody wanted to see go up against a powerhouse Big 12/SEC/Pac 10 team...get to play each other.


Still, it'll be a fun game to watch nonetheless.

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