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01-02-2010, 03:36 AM
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We Have The Power To Force Change..we Are The Heart Of The Rangers

Read the entire post in its entirity before you begin to tear it to shreads.....
Anyone who is a diehard fan of any team knows that their everyday life and mood is effected by their respective team's performance. As all die hard blueshirt fans are aware of our lives suck right no. Our GM is dragging our team back to the future, we are wasting young talent(although we have an overaverage group of budding players backed by Lundqvist in his prime, dragged down by horrendous veteran leadership, contracts, and accountability in our front office. We as the fans have a voice, and especially in New York it will be heard. I propose that if in 18 days on January 19th, against the Tampa Bay Lightning on versus(pretty much national tv) as a collective fanbase we do not go to the game. That would be a bigger statement to
Dolan than any media source. We are the revenue, we are what allow the franchise to exist. If the blood stops pumping the body wont work. For one day lets cut the flow of money to Dolan and leave the organization with a little temporary brain damage. I think it is a legitamite statement and a right as fans that we should contemplate making. If this can't get enough attention in 2 weeks than lets pick the Rangers vs. Penguins game on January the 25th on versus. I refuse to watch this mess be covered up, when everyone and their mother knows the issues this team has. Let's take action Rangers Faithful because if Sather or Dolan are not smart enough to figure out what is wrong themselves we can sure as hell let them know.

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