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Originally Posted by screecwe View Post
Or maybe its because the guy rarely showed up to play. And when he did, he never would score. He'd deek all day long, make defensemen trip over their jockstraps, and then wiff on the shot. So of course we're gonna boo him cuz he goes to atlanta and suddenly starts scoring just fine. Shows us he didnt give a crap about trying for our team.
Ya almost got it right. Why the booing ? Max would never listen to Lindy Ruff and would try to take on the entire opposing team himself. He'd try to stick-handle through an entire team and end up giving up the puck which lead to many scoring chances and goals for the opposition. When Ruff would scold him, he'd still do the dumb things and then get rightfully benched. He also refused to buy into Ruff's system, despite repeated benchings. All of this happened after the first post-lockout season. He game went to crap after that for some reason. He was basically horrible for two seasons and we couldn't GIVE him away. Thankfully, his contract was up at that point. Nobody but Atlanta took a flyer on him - that should tell you something. Finally, a team gives him a chance to play, with similar, offense-first players. I guess it's worked out for him in Atlanta. But just wait, you'll see what happens and will soon be tearing your hair out from the stupid, peel-back into his own zone plays that he makes. That and the giveaways.

Now, why do we boo Briere ? No answer on that one. Drury ? Cuz he effed us and didn't take the same amount of money that the Rangers offered. Oh, and we don't boo Marty Biron. How could anybody hate that guy ?

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