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Originally Posted by jas View Post
This mantra was a lot more relevant before the lockout than it is now.
He opens by talking about his "respective team's performance." This team's performance is not good, and although it's easy to cite 4 years of playoffs, it's just as easy to cite that merely making the playoffs is not a spectacular achievement in the NHL. (MLB it ain't.) It's easy to cite that these playoffs have come on the backs of only two players rather than on a team that has been constructed; that the GM has to keep going through one coach after another; that this year's team is no better than any of the last four playoff teams and thus that we're stalled in a state of "playoff also-ran."

In other words, although I agree that Dolan will not listen and can find plenty of excuses to keep Sather, the "mantra" is no less relevant now than it was before the lockout. If management is ineffective, it's ineffective. I suspect, though, that the louder fans scream, the more intransigent James Dolan will become. He wants to be right and he wants to establish a legacy NOT built on daddy's name. Obeying the howlings of unwashed masses appears weak. Best hope that Sather runs into a sex scandal.

Hmmmm ... about that cigar, anyone know what Monica Lewinsky is doing these days?

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