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01-02-2010, 09:37 AM
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look guys, I dont even want to discuss the individual contracts because its what we all talk about. While Sather might be a decent hockey mind he is horrendous with his financials and there always is evidence proving he dishes out top money of Dolan's bilions to 2nd and 3rd tier players who don't deserve it. It's not like Sather's trends will change he can't manage the free agent market and in the cap era developing talent and making smart free agent signings is the secret to success. We have done the former successfully but Sather will never be good at the latter always limiting our success as a franchise. It's not a new trend and if Dolan is willing to waste money and not hold accountabiility than it is our job as fans, to hit him where he will be forced to do something. I agree with the above posters, if we don't have Lundqvist Jagr/Gaborik over the last 4 years we are as bad as the lowly Islanders have been hands down. We should be in a position to win the cup with Hank but instead we waste his prime and our chances of a dynasty. Thats why we need to force change because through all our mush mosh were not that far away from elite with Hank and Gabby and our young players they are that good. So even if it is 200 fans at first tell your friends, copy and paste these links. Dolan does not deserve our money if Sather is not going to spend it correctly. And trust me Dolan can afford to let 30 million slip away. We had the highest cap for howevermany years before the lockout...It sucks but those contracts and players still have a chance to be made into some assets or even if it wastes. I don't want to see us waste the best chance we have ever had to be dominating I really have that much faith in Hank lets just put a winner in front of him.

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