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01-02-2010, 11:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Lex444 View Post
Voros plays with passion- he always has.
Brashear played with passion years ago in Philly- he hasnt since.

Voros will fight a guy who is running Rangers.
Brashear will only fight when a goon is really pressing the issue.

Voros will throw the body- hitting anyone he can.
Brashear will try to play the puck- but lacks the skill.

Voros is aggression.
[B]Brashear is safe. "Safe is death."

Voros needs to get a string of 4-5 games in a row to play.
Brashear needs to be a healthy scratch to bring back the passion.
I have to disagree on this one point. Brashear isn't safe. How many times has he given up the puck infront of the net this season? Been out skated? Been on the ice after a goal?How many non-fight related PIMs? How many times have the Rangers needed their fighter to give them that spark and he went on the ice and did nothing? How many times in both games vs Philly, a team of goons, and still no fight? How many times have players had to fight their own battles bec he won't?
I beg to differ about Brashear being safe. He makes me cringe every time he gets on the ice.

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