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01-02-2010, 10:41 AM
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This will not work. The New York Rangers are the most popular hockey team in the largest market in America. They have so many people to draw from as a fan base, that even if .001 percent of the city goes to the game, it's a sell out. The demand far outwieghs the supply. The only thing that would happen if you so called "die hards" that can afford season tickets stop going would be that other people who normally don't get to see the games would go instead. The only thing close to effective, IMO would be to go to the games and make a statement while at the game. Get the entire crowd to stand up and turn their backs on the game. Maybe get everyone to exit the game while it's still going. Throw hats down on the ice when the other teams player scores a hat trick. It would have to be something visual that they could not pan away from, ignore, or drown out the sound from. But if you just don't buy tickets, somebody else will be happy to scoop them up, and if you don't go and waste your ticket by staying home, you've still bought the ticket so I don't see how you're hurting anyone but yourself.

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