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01-02-2010, 11:25 AM
Ants? Solid Plan.
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Originally Posted by Kind of Blue
When times get tough, you can always count on John Tortorella to come up with an answer that has nothing to do with hockey and points the finger at his players.
Hockey is a team sport, not 18 guys who happen to be going in the same direction.You arrive and depart as a team, not just have guys randomly showing up or leaving when they feel like it.

Originally Posted by Kind of Blue
I'm pretty sure the Rangers travel arrangements were the same while we were making the playoffs four years in a row before he showed up.
Who knows, maybe someone at MSG decided a fleet of limos crisscrossing the tri state area was getting a tad expensive.Recession and all, you know.

Originally Posted by Kind of Blue
This is the kind of petty b.s. that players hate and makes them not want to play for a coach like this.
Okay, so what was the excuse for not want to play for Renney then?

He make them take public transportation or something? Was he too nice? Too understanding?

If the team quits on two coaches in less than a calendar year do we keep firing coaches?

"Oh well, _________ pulled that petty stuff they hate so they've stopped listening."

Really? I'd love to tune out my managers when they spout petty rules and regulations about safety and company policy.

The inmates don't run the asylum here.Ultimately they're employees, nothing more.

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