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Originally Posted by coolasprICE View Post
How can you be the teams biggest bargain at 750K.... yet he's only worth 1 Million?
Which one is it?


I know his defensive game will most likely be the weakest on any team. But he can also play forward - is he such a liability as a 4th liner?

Why is he in the NHL?

Because he can shoot the ****ing puck and score goals. He's also a decent passer and can gain zone better than most bottom pairing defensemen.

Who's on the ice in the last minute of a game when we're down by a goal?
Oh by the way, he's 6th in the league in Game winners - not bad for a guy who missed training camp and the first 7 games of the season.

Again, he's underpaid at 750K but he's really worth 1 Million...... sure buddy!

And do you know how much he was demanding in the off-season? Maybe he was holding out for 3 Million or more. I'm sure there was a team out there that would of given him 1.5. But he wanted a big long term deal. Before he knew it, he was on the outside looking in and signed with the Habs for a one year stint.
I never said he was the biggest bargain. Nice way of making stuff up to try and validate your point

Is he a liability as a 4th liner...YES. Not a big one, but one none the less. A 4th liner is suppose to bring grit and energy, which he doesn't. He actually has no purpose as a 4th liner except trying to not get scored on. Now that is a great role on a team

As for his attributes, thanks for listing them, but we all know them and they are the same as last year when he got no offers, so go a head on convince your self that some how he is worth way more now than last year.

Game winners are more a coincidence than an asset. Some years some players get a lot and some years they don't. It as no impact on his negociation rights BTW. A first goal in the game or the game winner are as valuable to the team.

Its well known and documented that MAB had a terrible D reputation in the league which is why he got no offers this summer, despite is 14 goals and +5. He did not hold out for any contract. A guy in his position just goes for a contract to secure a spot in the NHL. He was in no position to wait for the best offer this summer. A little reality and facts in your analysis would go a long way.

He is not underpaid at 750K. If not for that offer, he would be retired or in the minors. The Habs have actually saved is NHL career. Its all about situational analysis my friend. I said it, and I will say it again, I'm willing to go up to 1.5 max but anything beyond that is overpayment.

He probably won't even repeat this year's stats next year. You don't overpay a guy for 1 good year. You pay them well for many good years. Its like Plek, anyone who thinks he will get 6M+ is just insane. Look for Marc Savard type of money at 4.5M.

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