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09-23-2003, 01:52 PM
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Originally Posted by KillToronto
That is what I said. Notice the question mark at the end of the sentence where i supposedly annointed Satan a 100 point superstar. I guess you're right, I repeatedly argued that Satan is a 100 point superstar. Although nowhere in any of my posts do I say that Satan is capable of 100 points. Nor do I ever announce Satan as a superstar. You may consider me a homer, but at least I can read.

That specific quote is exactly why I think you are huge homer. In that one statement, you claim that Satan is capable of 100 points on a better team, and argue that he is worth more than an unproven prospect.

Then, in this thread, you claim that an unproven prospect is worth as much as Daze.

Daze has accomplished nearly as much as Satan, under similar circumstances. If Satan is worth a lot more than a second-tier prospect, than Daze should be too.

However, since Daze is a Hawk, and the prospect a Sabre, you see things in a different light. That is because you are a homer, and you see everything with a bias.

BTW, This statement clearly suggests Satan is capable of 100 points, and don't tell me it doesn't: "If he was on a better team could score 50 goals, 100 points.." Putting a question mark on the end doesn't change the implications. You might want to learn how to read your own writing.

Man, do I ever miss Oleg Kvasha. If Oleg was here, everything would be OK.
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