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12-31-2004, 03:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Damicles
If you're talking about the best Canadian Team and Canadian fans in the news... I guess Calgary woulda got it. But as a die hard Oilers fan who visits Calgary ALOT... I felt that alot of the fans jumped on the wagon. Where were they last year? And the year before? It's nice that Calgary's got all this attention now, but let's not kid ourselves. Two years (2003/2004) ago the hardest sell was a Flames Merchandise. Even the start of 2004 was tough. When the playoffs started, everyone bought it 'cause it was the cool thing to do. Don't believe me? Ask the manager at the Flames store at Eau Claire in Cowtown. I guess "flames" girls flashing on your streets doesn't hurt your cause either.
well no kidding some casual fans jumped on the bandwagon...that would happen anywhere. The Flames had remarkable support though for a team that was SEVEN years straight out of the playoffs...I'm assuming I don't have to remind you what Northlands was like when I lived in EDM circa 92-94?

whether you like the Flames or not, I think you can agree the city came alive in a refreshing way this spring (and yes I'm sure it would have been similar in Edmonton, I'm not claiming that Calgary fans are unique...just that the situation presented itself)

ps. Im curious what the manager at the Flames store said about the new red jersey. did they sell well prior to the playoffs?? I believe the answer would be yes, but I'm willing to be corrected on that

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