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12-31-2004, 04:54 PM
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Originally Posted by looooob
Northlands was like when I lived in EDM circa 92-94?
Yes. I agree that Edmonton has it's dark times. But the way that the community has rallied around this team, even when were losing makes me proud to be an Edmontonian first, Oilers fan second.

whether you like the Flames or not, I think you can agree the city came alive in a refreshing way this spring (and yes I'm sure it would have been similar in Edmonton, I'm not claiming that Calgary fans are unique...just that the situation presented itself)
Is there any doubt? I hate the guys who were going nuts when we beat Dallas and then the Avs a couple of years back. I hate guys who bought $1000 tix per game, but refuse to buy season tix. I'm not saying the Flames fans are bad. I'm just saying there's alot of boat jumpers that make the real fans look bad. I do know a TON of Calgarians that think Jarome Iginla is a Centre (must be that "C" on his jersey) and they get PISSED (and will debate you) when you say that he's Edmonton and not from St.Albert. And yes. Despite that he plays for our hated rivals... I was cheering my ass off for Jarome at the WCH2004.

ps. Im curious what the manager at the Flames store said about the new red jersey. did they sell well prior to the playoffs?? I believe the answer would be yes, but I'm willing to be corrected on that
She and another employee (this was during their Vancouver run, when things weren't that nuts yet. When things did go nuts, there was security and a line up in the mall EVERYDAY...) told me that sales were so horrible at the beginning of the year that in a month they'd sell 3 - 10. That's the slow times. But during Vancouver they were selling about 50 a day. Which is nuts. After Vancouver... they couldn't keep Jerseys on the shelf. All the Jerseys were the $99 - $125 replicas.

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