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01-03-2010, 10:15 AM
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Originally Posted by CanadaBacon View Post
I think "hate" is to strong a word. The only thing i can say i "hate" is when guys flop.

In my league chirping is a big part of the game and wearing certain numbers, tinted visors, coloured laces etc etc just give guys ammo to chirp ya.Thats all it really comes down to for me .
and isnt that really the point from the op, "what #'s am I going to catch hell for?" the rest of the debate is stupid. Im gonna chirp you for any flaw I can find even in beer league. Why, because I want you thinking about me and not the game. I couldnt tell you how many guys have missed opportunities because they are paying attention to me. I even had a guy get mad at me for telling his tendy "good save" got a good crosscheck in the head for that one. he got a game for intent to injure. goalie was laughing because we knew each other. hello 5 min pp. the funniest thing is Im busting balls and laughing and guys still get mad. its supposed to be fun boys, our best days are behind us lighten up.

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