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Originally Posted by RangerFan10 View Post
No it's not lol, one statement says that BECAUSE Callahan was selected to team USA, that must mean his 2 way game is better than Dubinsky's. The other says that Callahan's 2 way game is better than Dubinsky's, and that's WHY he was selected to team USA.

Team USA selecting Callahan doesn't mean his 2 way game is better.
Callahan's 2 way game being better than Dubinsky's is why he was selected to Team USA.

No one is arguing that Cally being selected to team USA and Dubinsky not being selected is something to be considered. The poster simply stated Cally's 2 way game is better than Dubinsky's, and that his selection to Team USA proves it (to some extent, I would agree).

He didn't say "Callahan got selected to Team USA because of his 2 way game, so because of the selection over Dubinsky is why I think we should keep Cally."

I can't believe I wasted this much time explaining this for a post I didn't even make.
Logically the result is the same, it's measuring one's ability based upon a selection to a team, and no other factors.

It's a waste of both our times, so agree to disagree, haha.

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