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01-03-2010, 03:25 PM
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Wood sticks might stay in one piece longer, but they go soft really fast, and the blades die a fast death. Composites break more spectacularly, but they break less often. If you watch on tv, you see sticks flying apart, which gives the impression that they're not durable, when they really are. What you don't see on TV is all the wood sticks thrown out after each game because they have the approximate feel of a wet noodle.

Composites are new until they day they die, and they last a lot longer then most people think, and when they do break, it's often the blade, not the shaft.

Feel has gotten a lot better over the years. There are also a range different types of feel, something you never had with wood. Pick yer poison as it were. I love the feel of a vapor XXXX. Most people hated it. Thing is, you have options.

You can also regulate flex much better, and you can also choose where the stick flexes to create different kickpoints.

Really, the biggest drawback to composites is the pricetag. To mitigate that, look into a two piece setup, closeouts of old top end sticks or pro stocks.

Elshupacabra, where the hell does any stick cost $300? MSRP on the most pricey is around $240, and nobody ever seems to charge the full price.

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