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12-31-2004, 06:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Chris2004
With the current state that the NHL is in, both financially and functionally...

what changes can they make the the actual game?

Are international rules going to increase flow, or create more defensive hockey? (ie. 2 large halves instead of a neutral zone)

In particular, rink size, no touch icing, 2 line pass and delayed offside.

I personally think the delayed offside could dramatically increase the flow of the game. Instead of watching a dman stay in his zone and the subsequent useless whistle, I think that allowing players to clear the zone and resume the attack (or even change lines) would allow teams to roll all their lines for an extended period of time. Could lead to some good exciting hockey.

I have read that even the two line pass system has some major problems with it. Immediately switching over to that system wouldnt be smart, we should try to be creative and adapt that two line pass to north america.

What does everyone think?
I would go back to the tag up offsides and get rid of the 2 line pass.... players need more room to pass the puck these days and the elimination of 2 line passes will give more room for the breakout. It also rewards the excellent puckhandling goalies.

So, I guess you can say that I'm on par with Pierre McGuire on this one.

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