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12-31-2004, 10:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Damicles
I think had Calgary played another team other than Tampa Bay, it would have boring to watch, ala San Jose. I'm not a huge fan of the clutch and grab style, but some people say it's "Canadian Hockey". And I hate it when people say that. The way our boys play during the World Jrs and big events like Salt Lake. That's Canadian hockey. I thought the run and gun style of Tampa was really exciting to watch and as a big hockey fan, I'm glad they won. Yeah, I'm disapointed that their fans weren't really into it, but they've got the Devil Rays and Bucs, but everyone's gotta start somewhere. And yes, I'm saying that Calgary fans are better than Tampa fans, but to name them Fans Of The Year, just adds to the craziness. I have friends who have been season tix holders for 3 years before all this happened... and they're wondering where was the love and support when this team REALLY needed it. My vote for Canadian Fans of the year? The guys who travel across the country and bundle up for the Grey Cup every year.
Clutch and grab my dick boy, we played up and down hockey. You people are just jealous and caught up in the hype that we are trapping and clutching and grabbing team, which team dosent clutch and grab. It was great seeing Tampa play run and gun LMAO, they played defensive hockey just as much as the Flames did stop with this ********. Calgary vs San Jose might of been boring, but thats because we didnt have a decent challenger for us. Calgary vs Vancouver as good as hockey gets man, this was the best series in hockey in the longest time ever. If im not mistaken people were estatic that the Flames vs Lightning was the Finals because both teams liked to create offence.

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