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Originally Posted by GarretJoseph View Post
When Richter was on, he was the best in the league. I don't care what anybody else says.

Overall, you have to go with Richter right now. He has the cup. He was amazing during the World Cup for team USA, he won them that Cup.

I love both players tons and I think Lundqvist is top 5 in the league right now but I never considered him #1 yet. Richter had that #1 for a season or 2.

55%-45% in my mind right now.
Richter was never the #1 goaltender in the league, he had great competition playing against the likes of Roy, Hasek, Belfour, and Brodeur. In fact, I don't think Richter was ever nominated for a Vezina.

But I agree that when it comes to a goalie in the clutch, Richter was excellent. He was great in '94 but I think he was even better in the '97 playoffs, shutting out the top-seeded Devils and outdueling Marty twice in the semi-finals.

I think Lundqvist is the better goaltender but I give Richter the edge based on playoff performance. However, Richter had a much better team in front of him than Lundqvist during the playoffs, and I think if you put Lundqvist on some of those mid-'90s Rangers' teams, he would be dominant.

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