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01-03-2010, 11:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Mayor Bee View Post
Lecavalier wore #8 when he broke in.

In any case, most of this thread cracks me up. Maybe it's from growing up playing other sports in addition to hockey, but I've never seen anyone in another sport go out there and say, "He's wearing the distinctive number of a great player! I must go defend that player's honor by taking a shot at this pseudo-great!"
True, I forgot about that. Still, at the time, the wide assumption at the time was that he'd get 4 right away. Vinny having to wear any other number was considered a surprise. The great Cory Cross had it at the time, and Cross' status, like his number, was subject to interpretation and management's whim.

The change to 8 did give me a brief reprieve (he only wore it 1 season), but the known intention, and especially the change itself to 4 was where I started getting problems.

That was like a thousand years ago anyway. What's one season?

I had left this out of the original post, but the guy I got 4 from had chosen it because of Bobby Orr, so by the transitive property, I was also wearing it because of Bobby.

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