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Originally Posted by Korpicowski View Post
Dan Girardi makes some of the most questionable passes in his own end, only to be overshadowed by Redden and Rozsival. If everyone wasn't so amazed by their poor performance they would see a pretty good amount of bad plays on his end.

Also, the whole board is harping on MDZ's minus 17. If everyone is allowed to bash him about it, lets talk about Girardi. What is Girardi's+/-???? -13. Considering the next best defenseman's +/- is -1 (excluding MDZ) what does Girardi's -13 say about his play?
Girardis -13 tells me that while he plays first pair minutes with Staal the opposing team scores more than the Rangers, which is not shocking. MDZ's tells me while facing less stiff competition he is on for more goals than Girardi is.

+/- is a marginal stat to use to evaluate a player. Sure it can be a barometer of team play but nothing more. Just because a defenseman got the minus does not mean he was responsible for the goal against, or even on the ice very long (recent line change for example). It's a flawed stat and the only true barometer would be to write down the exact circumstances behind every plus and every minus.

Girardi makes questionable passes? This is all you have to bash him with? The only defenseman on the Rangers good at the outlet pass is MDZ. Girardi makes the fewest errors on defense outside of Staal, but people still bash him.

Gilroy is very similiar to Girardi but not quite to Girardis level. He isn't as good defensively but he's better than I expected and his offense is lacking because as 94now pointed out, he's not being put into a position to utilize it.

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