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01-04-2010, 10:13 AM
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I don't think anyone who picked Richter would say Lundqvist doesn't have more raw talent than Mike.

With that said, Richter has all the benefits of the doubt seeing as he has been retired with a Stanley Cup, World Cup Gold, Olympic Silver facing arguably stiffer competition. Until Lundqvist cant GET PAST the 2nd round I don't think you can even have this discussion.

Richter was kinda of like the Knicks during that same time period: they weren't the best in the league, but they always rose to the occasion and were able to overachieve in adverse circumstances. We all remember Richter's 94 run, but each playoffs after that he always gave his team a legit chance to win the series (even in 97 he was incredible). I don't think we ever had a playoff meltdown with Richter in the net, but already in Lundqvist's era there was 2006 vs. NJ and 2009 vs. WAS (and I'm not saying that rested entirely on Hank, its just odd).

Wins is irrelevant and when Lundqvist gets more than Richter it will not prove anything. Simple numeric longevity will get you there.

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