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01-04-2010, 10:42 AM
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Originally Posted by adsfan View Post
I haven't played since the 1970's. The sticks today cost a lot more and break easily. There are some AHL games where I count the number of broken sticks, the most common number is six. Back in the ancient days it was more like two. These modern sticks are made out of old matchsticks! At least that can be fixed rather than tossed.
Hope to shed some light on this.

When you have a wood stick, you tap it's butt end against the concrete floor and hear if the stick is going to break. If it makes "that" sound, you change sticks right away. A composite stick does not make a different sound whether it is new or about to break, so... you never know and you keep playing.

Also... wood sticks lose their snap really quickly. A $25 wood stick would last me 3-4 games before it started to suck or simply break. A $200 Easton ST composite would last me 25 games, easy, plus it would be consistently good from game 1 to the time it shatters. Not for nothing but the value is there too.

Plus weight... often you are poke checking at your arm's length... or stick handling as far as you can control the puck. The lighter the stick, the more power you can transfer to the end of the stick.

Puck feel, well... wood is said to be best. I can hardly remember myself to be honest.

Everyone has their preferences. I will never go back to a wood stick.

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