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01-04-2010, 11:00 AM
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Originally Posted by NYRangers88 View Post
I dont remember seeing a poll on this, and I'm curious because I got into an arguement with someone at the game the other day.

I have met him before, and he is very knowledgable and friendly. Back in his Islander days, I met him at the Colisuem and we talked for a while. Very, very nice guy and despite some of what I hear, really knows the sport.

Now my question is this- Do you like him as the Rangers color guy? I'm not asking you to compare him to JD or Sam, because that is not fair. All I'm asking is if you are happy with him as our announcer.

Keep in mind some other guys we could be stuck with.
Look the guy is no JD...That is for certain. But I do like the guy. I like that he in not muzzled like his counterpart Sam Rosen. Look, Sam has done a good job over the years, but...I hate how censored, and politically correct the guy is.

I like that Micheletti has made refrences to things that Sam will never touch on. (Sathers contracts, the inability to make trades in the Salary cap era, accountability etc) Those are all things that a good color guy should discuss during games. JD was incredible at it, while he was also excellent at educating the audience about not just happenings on the team, but on the opposing team as well. Micheletti has a little taste of that in him, butagain I like him becuase he speaks his mind.

With that said, I also like John Gianonne as well. That guy I have met and is a real good guy too. He also will bring up some topics that maybe a Sam won't touch on.

But, out of all of them I would take Dave Maloney in a heartbeat. To me, Maloney sees things a little differently. He loves the charachter players, and he more than anyone else in the booth, Maloney knows what it is like as a player to succeed here. He knows the intricacies of the happenings in an out of the lockeroom. What truly happens outside of the game as well. I likehaving a guy in there that has that kind of experience. And most importanly, I like having as guy that isn't afraid to voice displeasure when say a Henrik Lundqvist gets run over by another player. Or a rookie like Del Zotto gets run at center ice....Those things would not happen if there was unity on this team, and or a player or two who wouldn't hesitate to come back and send a message. I think Maloney see's this lacking from thecurrent club, and the more he mentions it the more it gets out there and the more likely the team is to do something about it.

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