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01-01-2005, 03:48 AM
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Originally Posted by Go Flames Go
Clutch and grab my dick boy, we played up and down hockey. You people are just jealous and caught up in the hype that we are trapping and clutching and grabbing team, which team dosent clutch
Calgary did trap and they did clutch and grab. Don Cherry said so as well, but he also said he didn't mind it because it was gritty hockey. Look. I'm not gonna start this debate with you 'cause no matter what you say, you won't change my mind. If you like what you saw, what does it matter what I say? Whatever I say won't change your mind. You're obviously pro-calgary and I'm obviously not too thrilled with their new direction they're going in. And for the record I used to cheer for all Canadian teams

What I'm trying to say is some Flames fans started to get unclassy and loud and then Calgarians got caught up in the hype that they were Canada's Team and the centre of the universe. When everyone started jumping on. I don't think that fans jumping on the bandwagon makes them fans of the year. If you want crazy Canadian fans... I know a couple groups of fans that would make Flames fans non-exsistant. Bottom line: Calgary fans loved their team, others were just on the ride. If there are 30,000+ fans (I heard 80,000 at a victory rally at one time???), I hope they sell out all the games and support the Flames. Alberta is a great place for hockey and neither Calgary or Edmonton should lose their teams 'cause I love this rivalry. I just don't think that alot of those 30,000+ fans were genuine though. So that's why I don't think they deserved fans of the year. And I would say the exact samething if we had the "Jasper Mile" or the "Whyte Mile"

I admire the Flames persistance and hardwork. They did deserve EVERY game that they won. I just don't like how they did it. Now is that such a bad thing to say?

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