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Originally Posted by 94Obsession View Post
The points I made were all a part of the teams losing culture. It's a BIG issue, and it always has.

For you to not see the utter garbage and B.S. that goes on with the Rangers losing culture and the way the organization that's always been there with the exception of 1994, is really sad.

The thing about Renney is not hypothetical. Have you ever taken the time to listen to this guy in the press conferences. The fricking guy was delusional, and pretty much said the same thing over and over again in them. Tom Renney is the same guy that just stood there behind the bench emotionless as the Rangers were penalized for 5 5 on 3's last year against the Blackhawks in Chicago!!! It wasn't until the 5th and final 5 on 3 that you even saw a reaction from Renney. I know damn well what he would've done, not a damn thing! Renney is not that type of personality to say something. He's more politically correct.

As far as your points about Tortorella screwing up and benching Avery last year, you're right he did. He screwed up, but at the same time I don't even know what the Rangers were even doing in that series being even in a 7th game to begin with. With the exception of Game 1, Washington outplayed us that entire series, and were the better team by far. You're talking as if the Rangers had a shot at the cup or something. Which they didn't, and didn't and still don't have the talent for it, or to compete at that level.

Tortorella deserves some of the blame for screwing up and benching Avery. But, we should'nt have even been at that point anyway.

See, I would'nt have even mentioned Tom Renney if no one had even mentioned him in the first place. Most of the Renney supporters are like leeches, or vultures. When the Rangers aren't doing good and winning games, most of them, because they can't come to terms with the fact he was fired, will be there to say "I told you so" "it's because Renney isn't the coach anymore". Move on already. When and if Tortorella is fired/let go, I certainly wont be harping on John Tortorella not being here.
LOL... Now yer just being silly. Don't ruin all the good stuff you wrote previously with this junk..

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