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01-04-2010, 04:21 PM
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This thread is ridiculous. On so many levels.

1. Why do you even try to compare two goalies from two different eras, who never played together and certainly didn't play in front of similar teams together? How can you try to compare incomparable things? They played goalies? Yes! And there ends the similarities.

2. Does the answer even make sense?

3. Some of the arguments in these threads for either goalie, are ridiculous. And you should know it. "Won the Cup with his team?" Jesus... When will that stop being assumed as a logical, valid argument? Hint: Try dividing the imaginary points you give your goalie for winning the cup, with the number of players who helped carry the team. This will give a less crappy - but still crappy - answer. No goalie has ever won the Cup with a at least mediocre team in front of him.

The question of this thread, is a wolf in disguise. The real question is: Which goalie do you like the most? Because there can really be no valid arguments for who was better, so you have to make the arguments up, assuming the position as agitator for the goalie you liked most. You certainly won't make up pro-arguments for the goalie you liked the least, did you? Or even count them in the back of your head, for there is none to count!

Or wait? Am I being too harsh here? Since this is a very common phenomena, for some sports-nerdic reason? Like for the trekkies, which Star Trek boy-magnet was the prettiest? Or wait, this is the point of forums, is it? Damn, I just got depressed.

edit: Stupid Eeyore, get on your own row!
edit2: I vote on Lundqvist, because I think he speaks better Swedish than Richter and is well dressed.

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