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Originally Posted by CrAzYNiNe View Post
I want to get back to the asking price for Kovy would be. I can't see how it would be that high. ATL is NOT in a position to bargain, either they take what's offered or they lose him for what a 2nd or 3rd round pick when he signs as a UFA on July 1st. (I can't remember what, and if they still get picks when you lose a player to UFA)

The only thing that can raise the value of Kovy would be the other 29 other teams trying to acquire him. Now of the 29 other teams, 5-10 teams would be really pursuing him? Of those 10, how many have what ATL is looking for, 2-3?

I just don't figure Kovy getting THAT MUCH in return(I think I read on the Bruins board, that McKenzie said something along the lines of 2 prospect, 2 high draft pick, plus a player of impact today), the closer we get to the deadline, the less ATL will have to bargain with.

Not saying we have a chance, but if by some miracle we can acquire him then this is my take:

Kovaluchuk is still very young, only way to sign him to some ridiculous contract would be to sign him for the next 13 years like Hossa.

IF he wants 10, and that isn't just to get the **** out of ATL

10 for the first 4 till 31
9 - 32 years old
8 - 33
7 - 34
5 - 35
4 - 36
1 - 37
1 - 38
1 - 39

total of 76 million over 12 years is about a 6.33 average cap hit

This way in the final 3 years of his contract, he can be bought out fairly cheap and we can sign him to something like 2 year 6 mill if that ever has a chance of happening, so that his cap hit drop to 3+the buyout, which is less then the 6.33

but in the first years when making 10, 6.33 will sure look good.

pretty nuts to pay a 40 year old 6.9. but who knows in 10 years what the bottom players of the league will be making, 3 mill average?
He should get at least a Vinny-like contract and he should be still in his peak until 34-35, so no need for him to get less.

27-28-29-30-31-32-33-34 = 8 years x 10million
35-36 = 2 years x 6 millions
37-38 = 2 years x 5 millions
39 = 3 millions
40 = 1 million
41 = 1 million

15 years = 107 millions
Cap hit = 7.13

That's the kind a contract it will take to sign him...

I'd love to get Kovy no2, but we need to trade Gomez to even think about getting him sign to an extension.

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