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01-04-2010, 05:57 PM
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Originally Posted by DeepOrange View Post
No matter how you spin it, Kovalchuk leaving would be a huge hit to this team... not only because of his elite play, but because of the implications. The team will be less competitive, so they will have to continue to use overpayments to entice mediocre UFAs. It's not like you'll get many players who want to play in Atlanta like Kozlov and possibly Antropov.

Don't expect Atlanta to remain competitive without Kovy next season. Expect another "rebuild" instead.

No, that team is absolutely brutal.
maybe i should explain what i meant by solid hockey team...i didn't mean it would be a cup winner, i meant it was better put together for the future than the one we have now is. we have a ton of guys on one year contracts that are almost guaranteed to leave after this season. any success we have this season is only going to hurt us later on. the team i posted could grow together and be a cohesive unit. we've seen the last few weeks what happens when you have a team of hired guns. no contributors that have grown up in the system. we are NOT going to compete any time soon without kovy. we have to realize that and get as much young skill as we can for him. the best teams have a core of guys that have been their for if not all then at least most of their careers, ten they go out and get one big time contributor. we have half of our team that hasn't been here for more than a season or two. that's not enough time to grow permanent chemistry between guys. we don't have the assets to make another new team. we have to let our younger players grow up and as they do we will become better. wait on our players in the juniors and minors to grow up. we have some good talent down there. be patient

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