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Originally Posted by tobyandmisty View Post
I know for the majority of the people who are younger then myself (41), you will most likely choose the newer sticks. There was no choice when I was younger. I know the new sticks are supposed to be superior in most areas if not all.

My question is, is there anyone who chooses to play with a wood stick over the new ones and why?

Wow we get a lot of these threads here ....

I'm 41 and switched to compos last December after using either wood or aluminum shafts when those came around with wood blades for 35 years or so.

I will never go back to anything wood now for several reasons. i tend to be winded so I will try to make this short and not explain why but instead just list my short reasons.

1. Compos last many times longer than wood and perform better staying like new until they eventually break.

2. I've saved literally hundreds (maybe $400+) of dollars because wood doesn't last and composites do. I'm big and strong and play pretty well with a heavy shot I might add. I have broken ONE single blade trying to shoot a knuckling one timer that caight the toe, probably would have broken a woodie as well.

Wood blades get 'puck pocket' where the blade cracks the height of the puck so I would have to constantly replace wood blades at $20-$40 a pop dpending on what I wanted.

3. Consistently the same flex throughout the life of the stick. Woodies cannot do that due to their organic nature.

4. The more expensive sticks (meaning the sticks past the entry level compo sticks) have puck feel comparable to wood. Cheap medium priced composites are not recommended if you like puck feel. I am sure someone will chirp in with an exception and has never used a more expoensive stick but I won a couple of entry levels when I was trying them out to see if I liked them and now use quslity tapered stuff that feels wonderful.

5. The lighter weight of the stick is a huge benefit especially for an older guy like me. And the kick point or "sweetspot" I always called it is better with a composite as they launch pucks cleaner than a wood stick.

I will say the velocity difference isn't all that much but it sure does feel like you are shooting harder with a composite as the material is great for launching pucks.

That is my final opinion on compos, I am absolutely sold on either a 2 piece setup or a one piece. I can see why there are no longer any wood tennis raquets or golf clubs, it simply literally is inferior.

Composites are good stuff and one of the best things to happen to hockey no matter what jack Edwards has to negatively say about them he needs to realize the pro-stock super lightweight sticks are easier to break. Most of the sticks the average joe schmo buys are more durable by a lot.

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